With the support of Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society, TARGETED INTERVENTION and PEHCHAN programs are conducted. Grateful to the Government and Private Health Care providers who have been with us over 17 years.

The services include-

Identifying and reaching out to the community

Distributing condoms, lube, and educating them about safer sex to the individuals

Access to confidential STD testing and diagnoses

Counselling Services

Treatment and care


Health Camp

Nutrition and Diet

Drop In Center Works six days a week, just like office space to provide comfort and opportunity to remove the stigma Crisis Support 24x7 crisis support, not only for HIV/AIDS, also to handle the daily discrimination or any kind of problems. Income Generation Programs To provide economic independence and to depend less on external funding.


We do not need sympathy, but some respect. - By If you allow me to have an identity.

The programs conducted by Sahodaran is to educate and work on transforming the attitudes and making people aware of gender and diversity of sexual orientation through activities, presentations. It is not only till awareness but also emphasizes on Health related and psychosocial challenges. In the Home and The Locality Parents and jamath leaders Parental Counselling- to support and accept Jamath leaders- better care and support Police, shopkeepers,auto drivers and landlords Community friendly spaces-hot spots, Sensitizations program, Care and support.

State and National Level Awareness

State, researchers, and educational institutions Educate school and college students, Workshops, Dance and theatre programs, Other countries researchers- USA, Uganda, Nigeria and Japan Political Leaders, religious groups Good connections with political leaders and religious leaders, Conducted sensitization meetings.

Media Advocacy With CBO Thozhi- honoured community- friendly celebrities,

Public protests- against wrong portrayal

Advocacy for decriminalization of homosexuality Large scale events for sexual rights and the decriminalization of homosexuality Planning meetings and poster making Research MSM based research in Tamil Nadu,

Partnered and collaborated with many institutes and centres,

And also UG and PG students gets a platform to collect and interact with the people while volunteering for the organization. Cultural festivals and traditional gatherings Celebrate all the festivals

Dance and theatre troupe

Annual celebrations

Foster Community Leadership

Sahodaran has developed four other Community Based Organizations who work with, LGBT, MSM and TG people-

THOZHI To support members of TG community,
Established in 2010
Registered in 2012

SNEGITHI Support the basic needs of slum dwelling Tg people
Established in 2012
Registered in 2014

ITI (Indian Transgender Initiative) Sensitize the public through art and talent
Established in 2012
Registered in 2013

THOZHAN Initiative for LGBT rights
Established in 2012
Registered in 2014



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