Sahodaran is the first and largest Community Based Organization (CBO) in Chennai run by and for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men). Since 1998, we have worked with MSM from low-income backgrounds, combining HIV/AIDS prevention and care services with social support,counseling, and crisis intervention. In the past ten years, we have supported our MSM and transgender women to become leaders in their own right, forming their own Community Based Organizations. We envision a world where all sexual minorities can achieve their full potential and safely access their social entitlements, without fear of violence or stigma.

    Sunil Menon.C


Sahodaran, established in 1996 and registered in 1998 by Mr.Sunil Menon.C Founder and Director, is the first Community Based Organization in Chennai run by and for the MSM community. Sahodaran works with MSM from low-income backgrounds that are at high risk for HIV/AIDS, combining HIV/AIDS prevention and care services with social support, counseling, and crisis intervention. In addition to safe guarding their health. Sahodaran empowers MSM/TG community members to become leaders in their own right, paving the way for greater social recognition for sexual minorities nationwide. Although focused primarily on MSM, since 2010, Sahodaran has fostered CBOs catering to the needs of TGs (transgender women), and begun to serve as a referral point for LGBT community members more broadly. We envision a world where sexual minorities can access safe sexual health services, legal support and social entitlements, and where atrocities against sexual minorities are eliminated.

Sahodaran is one of the oldest and longest-running LGBT organizations in India working ceaselessly for the welfare of LGBT communities in Chennai and by networking, referrals and functional relationships, extending support to LGBT in Tamil Nadu and India. The Founder Mr. Sunil Menon is the first self-identified gay man in South India. His career started in 1992 and by progression of his efforts for the LGBT community, he founded Sahodaran in 1996. Today we seek to empower all sexual minorities to reach their full potential by providing a safe haven of community support, outreach, and activism. Our mission is to create a world that is safe for all people, regardless of orientation, a world without fear of violence or stigma.

Sahodaran began with kothis/gay men community. But soon we realized transgender needs and concerns where similar, due to it, we provided technical support to the group of community members and helped create new community based organizations to support other LGBTIQA+ members. Nowadays our organization is more open to every LGBTIQA+ persons.

Accordingly our main objectives are:

To educate the community to be conscious of and be respectful to the transgender/LGBTIQA+ community.

To address the sexual health issues surrounding the sexual practices and sexuality amongst the transgender/LGBTIQA+ population in Tamil Nadu.

To create awareness regarding STI/HIV/AIDS among the LGBTIQA+ population.

To foster change at the local, state, and national levels to ensure the rights and dignity of the transgender/LGBTIQA+ community.



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