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Sahodaran received many awards for its outstanding work among MSM/LGBT people. Sahodaran serves the community sincerely for more than 18 years now.


Donors and partners:

Sahodaran has received funding support from several State, National and International agencies. Its funders have included the Department For International Development (DFID-UK) between 1998-2003, USAID/Family Health International (FHI) between 2003-2005, USAID/AIDS Prevention and Control (APAC) project of VHS and Chennai AIDS Prevention And Control Society (CAPACS) between 2006-08, Royal Netherlands Embassy funds for street theatre in 2006, and the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS) from 2008 to the present for Pehchan project.

Research and publications:

Sahodaran has helped generate a body of evidence used nationally for intervention planning. Along with Tuberculosis Research Center, an ICMR institute at Chennai, Sahodaran has been involved in two research studies HIV/AIDS prevalence among MSM in the year 2007 and Depression among MSM in the year 2009. Other research collaborators include YRG Care, Chennai, and Fenway Institute, Boston, USA. Sahodaran has presented results of its work with MSM and HIV at various international forums such as the Global Health Council, Washington in 2000, DesiQ – South Asian LGBT conference, San Francisco in 2000, and International Conference on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP), Malaysia, in the year 2004 These research projects and their findings have been funneled back into the project in order to enhance its programming. This Sahodaran has thus been constantly evolving every year, suiting their needs in information and medical assistance and looks forward to create awareness to a larger section of the society both inside and outside its purview. For example: over the past thirteen years, intervention sites of Sahodaran have expanded to include certain allocated areas of the beach, parks, and train routes that traverse the city connecting to the suburbs. As the density of population of certain sites has changed, the outreach has since been modified to suit the dynamics of each site being accessed.

Sahodaran�s funders include:

� Sahodaran is also a designated partner in the The South to South HIV / AIDS Resource Exchange (SHARE) Project, funded by USAID/India through the United States Presidents Emergency plan for AIDS Relief, facilitating exposure visits across India and Africa to share HIV-prevention related best practices.
� Department For International Development (DFID-UK) between 1998-2003;
� USAID/Family Health International (FHI) between 2003-2005;
� USAID/AIDS Prevention and Control (APAC) project of VHS (2006-07) and Chennai AIDS Prevention And Control Society (CAPACS) (2007-08);
� Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS) from 2008 to the present.

Sahodaran was established in 1998. We are glad to be continuously providing our services to the MSM/LGBT community for nearly two decades.
Sahodaran serves more than thousands of MSM/LGBT people in Chennai. We have been providing service to LGBT people in Chennai continuously all the years since inception.
Sahodaran has 24/7 crisis support team available for distressed and situationally challenged MSM/LGBT people to address their issues of urgent importance. The team has a good track record of successfully resolving /addressing 100's of issues throughout its existence.