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Sahodaran received many awards for its outstanding work among MSM/LGBT people. Sahodaran serves the community sincerely for more than 18 years now.

Individual Level

Targeted Interventions (TI)- Sahodaran offers HIV/AIDS prevention and care services through TI program, with the support from Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society. Its services include:

Identifying and reaching out to community members at ‘hot spots’ frequented by MSM for cruising and sex work;

Distributing condoms, lube, and educating them about safe sex practices both individually and in groups;

Providing access to confidential STD testing services, along with preliminary diagnosis;

Introducing them to community-friendly counsellors for pre-test and post-test counselling;

Referring HIV/STI patients to community-friendly healthcare providers for treatment and care;

Referring HIV+ individuals to ART dispensaries;

Educating community members about ART adherence, nutrition, and monitoring for HIV/AIDS;

In addition to HIV/AIDS prevention and care, annual health camps are conducted at Sahodaran Unit I and II to provide free eye, dental, and insulin tests for community members.

Drop In Centers

Every afternoon our office is a riot of color and laughter as a wide range of people from across the city come to utilize the community kitchen, facilitate the prayer club and free noon meals, seek advice regarding personal crises, practice for an upcoming dance performance, or simply rest and watch movies.

At Sahodaran we know that isolation, shame, and stigma are some of the biggest obstacles for the LGBTQ community trying to practice more healthy-seeking behaviors. To remedy this situation and as part of our Targeted Interventions, we operate a Drop-In Center six days a week where community members can come to socialize, seek help during crises, or participate in ongoing events. Our Drop-In Center owes its vibrancy to the fact that we are completely managed and occupied by LGBTQ members. This makes our office an oasis for those people to find some relief from the stigma they encounter in society.

Crisis Support & Counselling

Sahodaran has a crisis support team that works 24 hours, 365 days a year. The main purpose of the crisis team is to ensure that we are able to address issues and challenges faced by the members of the LGBTQ/MSM community. The crisis support team addresses any and all concerns that may come up, from workplace discrimination, to police harassment, to family or relationship troubles, and anything in between. Our team strives to be available within 24 hours of contact and all encounters are 100% confidential. (Can u write something more)

One-on-one counseling is also provided in-office to all of our members who approach for help, providing sufficient information, knowledge, and an understanding about STIs/HIV/AIDS. As a part of promoting and creating awareness about safe sex, we develop and distribute IEC material, as well as Behavior Change Communication (BCC) material developed through consultation meetings with the guidance of BCC consultants. New materials are continually developed as per need.

Income Generation Programs

To foster economic independence amongst all LGBTQ/MSM and to build our own reserve of unrestricted funds, Sahodaran has initiated several income generation programs (IGP) for community members to craft and sell handmade products. These products include hand-sewn sari blouses, handbags, mobile phone covers, glass paintings, and staged cultural performances for a fee. The office also functions as an informal marketplace where people can come and sell their products to others within the local community. One of our goals is to build our IGP potential to become less dependent on external funding.

Who We Are: For the past 20 years, Sahodaran has been a leader in the LGBTQ community in Southern India. We currently run two drop-in centers, four sister organizations. We also employ 9 full-time staff, 36 part-time staff, and 96 volunteers that includes physicians, advocates, academicians, and researchers.
What we do: We provide a hub of community support and awareness for the LGBTQ community. Through targeted interventions Sahodaran has been integral in the fight against HIV and Aids prevention and awareness throughout Chennai and southern India.
Why we do it: According to research LGBTQ populations are safer when they seek peer support. Targeted Interventions are a statistically proven methodology for reducing the spread of HIV. Through all this, education and community support are integral to the health, safety and well being of the LGBTQ community in Chennai.