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Sahodaran received many awards for its outstanding work among MSM/LGBT people. Sahodaran serves the community sincerely for more than 18 years now.

Empowering Individuals

a. Targeted Interventions (TI)

Sahodaran offers HIV/AIDS prevention and care services through TI program, with the support from Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society. Its services include:



• Identifying and reaching out to community members at ‘hot spots’ frequented by MSM for cruising and sex work;

• Distributing condoms, lube, and educating them about safe sex practices both individually and in groups;

• Providing access to confidential STD testing services, along with preliminary diagnosis;

• Introducing them to community-friendly counsellors for pre-test and post-test counselling;

• Referring them to community-friendly healthcare providers for treatment and care (for HIV/AIDS and other STDs);

• Linking HIV positive individuals with ART dispensaries;

• Educating community members about ART adherence, monitoring, and nutrition.

• In addition to HIV/AIDS prevention and care, annual health camps are conducted at Sahodaran Unit I and II to provide free eye, dental and insulin tests for community members etc.,



b.Drop In Centers

At Sahodaran we know that isolation, shame and stigma are some of the biggest obstacles for MSM trying to practice more health-seeking behaviors. To remedy this situation, as part of our Targeted Interventions we operate a Drop-In Center six days a week where community members can come to socialize, seek help during crises, or participate in ongoing events. Every afternoon, our office is a riot of colour and laughter as kothis from across the city to utilize the community kitchen to facilitate the prayer club and free noon meal as well as to seek advice regarding personal crises, practice for an upcoming dance performance or simply rest and watch a movie. Our Drop-In Center owes its vibrancy to the fact that we are completely managed and peopled by MSM community members. This makes our office a safe space where MSM can find relief from the stigma they encounter in the outside world.



c.Crisis Support

Sahodaran has a crisis support team that works 24 hours a day all days of the year. The main purpose of the crisis team is to ensure that we are able to address issues and challenges faced by the members of the LGBT/MSM and related community in Chennai smoothly and with a sense of urgency.

d.Income Generation Programs

To foster economic independence amongst MSM, and to build our own reserve of unrestricted funds, Sahodaran has initiated several income generation programs for community members to make and sell handmade products. These include hand-sewn sari blouses, handbags and mobile phone covers; glass paintings; and cultural performances done for a fee. In addition, the office functions as an informal marketplace where MSM/TG people can come and sell their products to others within the community. One of our goals is to build our IGP potential, to depend less on external funding.

Sahodaran was established in 1998. We are glad to be continuously providing our services to the MSM/LGBT community for nearly two decades.
Sahodaran serves more than thousands of MSM/LGBT people in Chennai. We have been providing service to LGBT people in Chennai continuously all the years since inception.
Sahodaran has 24/7 crisis support team available for distressed and situationally challenged MSM/LGBT people to address their issues of urgent importance. The team has a good track record of successfully resolving /addressing 100's of issues throughout its existence.